How were time zones decided?

International Dating Line

Well, you see it all started with a person that wanted to have a convenient excuse to postpone an urgent appointment & devised a delaying strategy, just between you & me,

 However, officially, time zones were set up to avoid great confusion, especially when it came to estimating a lady’s age as being a day older than she really is that created the subject of much heated debate.

But a perfect excuse was obtained in ascertaining that people had to use railroad timetables. To end this confusion, not to mention extend the propspect of marital bliss conveniently offering an excuse for being late for a date, the United States(who else?) began using a system of standard time zones.

 So in the memorable year of 1884 an international, mind you, not an outernational, conference was held with the utmost confidence in Washigton D.C. to set up a system that would fit the whole world. The earth was divided, thank God not literally, into 24 zones, each covering 15 degrees of logitude, yet bearing shortitude of not incorporating servitude. This IS a natural division and I hesitate to say not an unnatural transition, for the earth rotates @ the rate (nope, that is NOT the name of a website,no sir-e) of 15 degrees each hour, which may not aid digestion depending on how you rate what you ate.

With each zone the time’s the same &the differnce between time zones is one hour. Greenwich (London), England, was selected as THE starting point, as you may have noticed by now the English always have to have an on-fair advantage. So when it’s noon in Greenwich, time in the next zone eastward is 1 P.M. The time in the next zone westward is 11 A.M. In New York, 5 zones west of Greenwich, the time is 7 A.M. Which offers a feasable explanation to the startling phenomena of Internet buddies having constantly asked their mates a kazillion times I kid you not what the time is where they are.

The United States is divided into 4 zones based on the 75th, 90th, 105th & 120th meridians. There is an irony in referring to united as divided, but who am I indeed to argue in my modest capacity? The times in these zones are called Eastern, Central, Mountain & specific time, oops, I did it again, that should be Pacific Standard Time.

 On the opposite site from Greenwich is ANOTHER dividing line, just to complicate matters more, the International Date line. No, don’t get too excited if you’re on of those who regularly frequent dating sites. This line is approximately the 180th meridian. When it is noon at Greenwich it is midnight at the International Date Line, which could actually be fairly condusive to a romantic evening. Crossing the line(so be careful how far you go with your date), a person gains or loses a day, depending on whether he is moving east or west, thus this concept could be utlised fairly effectively especially when you’re trying to evade the deadline(excuse the pun) for submitting your income tax return like any other loyal citizen.


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