Plagiarism, copying and placing of this content elsewhere in your blog, website, etc., or for whatever other purposes intended, is not only permissible, but is in fact, most welcome, with no prior permission having to be obtained or requested or no credit having to be given nor acknowledgement having to be given whatsoever and will be considered a compliment, should you wish to do so, by all means, take the credit, be my guest, as I’m not writing for commercial purposes and would be honoured should you choose to share my writing, even if you pass it off as your own, well done, well written, now give yourself a pat on the back, as long as it makes you happy, since that’s my primary purpose for  writing and for no selfish reasons whatsoever. Should information thus reproduced for personal or commercial use be beneficial to you or anyone else that reads my writing that is now YOUR writing, that you can copyright, hey, why not, though I’d rather decline the privilege, that will be more than ample, sufficient and enough satisfactory reward for me.


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