April Prayers & Inspiration, with a lighter, twisted ending

Good Friday 1:

Send the angel of peace on us!

I beseech the Good Shepherd, by the merits of His open wounds to heal our small wounds and heal our pain to regain peace & joy in the knowledge that He is the resurrection & the way & will give you an abundance of goodness, endurance, victory & charity this Good Friday.

Good Friday 2:

Sung with the rising sun:

Son of God, eternal one,

Thank you for the things you’ve done.

Easter Encouragement:

As God protected Daniel from the lions, Jonah from the whale & resurrected Christ too, thus the Almighty God will watch over and protect you. Happy Easter!

Easter Inspiration:

This Easter, the Lord is watching over & caring for you & me.

We are protected, safe & free.

If you thought no one was caring for thee, see,

He is resurrected & here, caring for you & me.

See, little lamb you are all new.

The Good Shepherd will watch over you.

To the Lord we may seem helpless & small,

But He has risen, that we may not fall.

Do not fret unnecessarily then

For the Good Lord will protect & keep you again & again.

Daily Prayer 1:

Lord Jesus, fill us with charity, compassion, faith, gentleness,  hope, humility, joy, kindness, light, love, mercy, tranquillity; modesty, patience, peace, purity, security; trust, truth, understanding, wisdom & serenity. Help me to walk in your Light & Truth illuminated by the Holy Spirit so that together we may praise, honour & glorify Our Father in time & in eternity.

Daily Prayer 2:

Here, I pray today for God to hear, please be with those both near & dear

& though you are far, God be with you too, wherever you are!


May today only bring good

& may you be blessed, as you should.

Daily Prayer 3:

God’s angels guard & keep you

‘til days are past,

When blossoms come & go

& time is fleeting fast

To times of purest joy

God keep you safe, at last.

Daily Inspiration 1:

Although we are uncertain of what the days may bring; in blessing, may we be prepared, understanding God will provide for everything.

Daily Inspiration 2:

The Lord will defend in times of trepidation, comfort in times of sorrow; teach in times of meditation & prevail at all times & tomorrow.

Daily Inspiration 3:

Wherever you go, God be as well with you

& where God is, all is well too.

Sure-fire non-sensical rhythmic rhymes:

Unconfound rhyme:

There’s a certain breed of lettuce,

For whom its not uncommon not to utter a word,

Yet, some seemingly solitary leaf,

Can in the wind with rustling be heard;

There are some birds who prefer not to fly

& others who walk, to fly will try,

Yes, life is strange & full of extraordinary anachronisms,

But then that’s just the way God created nature & organisms.

So, when it comes to be, just simply B U,

But if B BwU, then butt would be wat,

Or some such like, but then again, so what?

Eventually meant:

Did you  meditate of late,

Or deliberate on something you ate,

But weight was that eight

& had it been eight, would that have been too late to meditate?

There you go:

There you are!

You are wherever you go.

Hope or Nope:

Even though you may have hope,

There is something for nothing you got,

Yes, you still have hope

& if you have hope, you have a lot.

Ja well, no F9:

Is something fine/B9


Drab or F1,

F1 or fancy3,

U D.side!






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