Things/site names you can (possibly) create

Things/site names you can (possibly) create and/or rename (if not improvise) on the internet:

– Create own movie ->

– Pics KPT, Corel, News & letter? AOL – Templates

– Add google ad sense to site to make money

– LINK FREEWEBS SITES TO EACH OTHER by further links & improve

– Enq. Display cd behind website:

– Enq. Dreamweaver -> download

– Incredible connection

– UK CD : V1T : 3NL

– Develop nom sites

– Control panel -> display -> screensaver

3D Text to Custom Text


– Download CD

– Gwbasic libr. – visual

– Qbasic

– Website design

– Copyright poem: reg. with Copyright office of The US Library of

Congress A=2x A=(4×5)+20

– Create where people can make msg. with their photo/s





Develop website – provide copyright info – c. wikipedia copyright

reg. or use as def. I.e. signifying sales in cyber space

site (music) – download beatofindia 3 free songs to CD**

• Startpage**

• Upload content to websites**

• Make site like google only for sites (saagle wt. Pg.

Numbering x , – online


• Join as affiliate with**

• C. for list of payment methods**

• join

index.jsp affiliate program**

• index.jsp affiliate program -> linkshare – add website/blog info

• affil wt**

• use generic dict. And words reg. & re-sell or use

existing overseas site names as affil. & wt. Redir. links**

Reg. wellknown overseas site names as

Reg. domain names and sell

– Order phone :

OR try any of these or any related ideas to claim fame to your name for, for example:

Guinness longest link name

Guinness longest word in the English language

Guinness longest website name

Guinness longest acronym

Guinness longest abbreviation

OR do more mundane things such as:

Upload contents to websites

Visit natural remedy sites; myhomeremedies


c. www. (template)

ASCII art resource website:

Compile msgs using as starting

ASCII gallery

Re-reg. & reg. site names & UPLOAD CONTENT

Re-reg. dependmail?


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