Y Xcel replaced&all but displaced Lotus123

Y did Xcel replace LotUS321?
Y was counting up to all of 123 allocated an x?

If you read between the reeds of this brouhoho, IT’ll be worth I.T.

Considering an analogous analog situation it can be said and or but, but rather not buts.

Now what’s the point of THIS blog you may be asking yourself?

Y, of course it’s about Y Excel replaced Lotus 1-2-3.

Firstly, there was the issue about Confucius confusing the kamasutra with the Lotus position.

Also Lotus was eventually feared to be PLOTTING Values, accepting no such thing as can’t graph.

Sadly, you could not use Lotus to write a novel, play music, blast alien spaceships in cyberspace, send a fax for Excellent recommendations for direct online help for Hercolena, have you seen her?

Oh, Hercolena, that’s me, seems like the search function’s pretty much intact here.
Well, I may not be perfect, but my graphs are perfect, don’t you agree?

Now what with you being a culturally intellectual (Congrats! Wow Finalist) you decide to rather watch Sensuality in Relativity of the Lotus Position instead of participating in the more provocative Excel 69-12.

Since you’ve now opted for Excel, you can grab the ice cream, lay back and let the computer do it all for you.

So, since you’re relaxing, how about a date? I mean a serious DATE.
Last time I checked the alphabet still had 26 letters, so it won’t take you long to look my number up in the DIRECTORY. As for my age, that’s on FILE. But apply your formulas correctly and you may perceive some surprising calculations, especially taken the variable nature of the amount of days in a month into consideration.

In fact, Excel can be compared with multimedia that MAY stupefy users b4 they can even GET started.

Actually, I’m underwhelmed as too shallow is as bad as too deep, or as good, depending which way you look at IT.

There’s only ONE button in the latest Excel that the user clicks on and the program takes off not unlike an automated slideshow about life in the cells par excellence with NO WAY of stopping IT!

Also it’s easier to use your mouse when its not crouching in the Lotus position as All you have to do is mouse around and mouse over until you’ve gotten over the moust of it or and/or until your mouse pointer is over (the worst of IT) & (when you’ve RECOVERED too) then click (press & release left mouse button, yes it’s only right to release it from the cell, but releasing it IN the cell is another thing altogether.
Ooh, no one says IT QUITE like the ENGLISH.

Essentially with reference to above one column of rows, a forced endless clickascope defeats, as in snacks, the purpose of the Internet WHICH IS WELL, PURPOSELESS.

Also the Joint Mystics Experts Group opposed the Lotus position in an unprecedented move which was also unpresidented as only one member has been recruited to date, but for further information on joining this group, you’ll have to obtain moderator’s approval from the Lotes Notes Academia par Excellence.

Now don’t go showing off with your Lotus just yet, it may become obsolete and as for Excel, no one wants to invest in obsolescence when you went to all the trouble to learn how to click on file although you may not be able to spell it, when you’re now greeted with a ball to blick on when you were really contemplating joining the click at the ball after work. Just cause you computers capabilities are ALMOST as great as yours, does not mean you have to use them ALL at once.

You may have reprimanded your mouse that it is in fact rude to point fingers, but when it pointed out that it moves on a little roller ball you finally relented that the mousepointer is that little paw for pawsing on the screen that moves when you move your mouse.

See if the same thing happens when YOU move. In my humble opinion it’s easier to move using the keyboard UNLESS YOUR MOUSE HAS BEEN TRAINED TO BE A REGULAR HOUDINI and can operate the keyboard singlehandedly.

Also continue to type, but you may wonder why nothing is appearing. No you haven’t embedded someone from social networking, no, you haven’t entered the twilight zone, no, in effect you have now entered the twiheavy zone.That stuff you may fine interesting are the bars and what kind of pies may wet your appetite, either Lotsupies or xCelery pies for a light approach if you’re not so much into pie in your face.

But before I go if you don’t mind me butting in, how about a date?
Y not?
What’s your Xcuse?
Oh, the cells already occupied.
Just as well, IM also not into S&M with Lotus, no X & Y will do or just one X from U.
In any event the computer won’t do anything until told, no you can order it to do whatever you want you have complete competing control and may now order from the menu?
May I C to the TAB?
Y knot?

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