Pie & Doughnut Graphs

Have you seen a sign in front of your sweetie pie’s Windows stating Doughnut disturb?

doughnut disturb

Curious what he’s up to in the Micro Soft Office WITH his secretary using shorthand?

Here’s a hint to put your mouse down or put your best mouse forward:


Odds are the two-dimensional column graph on How to get the most from your PERSONAL computer has two axes: the value of vertical Y axis, yes, you may be asking yourself WHY and the category or horizontal x axis, but wait, before you start categorizing his secretary according to how many Xes she typed on that last itinerary. Now strangely enough you’ll find axes in all the graph types except pie and doughnut graphs, so even as tempted as you were to bring your own ax don’t do it as the Shining was not intended as a rerun, unlike Harry Potter.

My Word! Instead of getting too distracted, prioritize! You may leave your pie online, but not the washing! Just remember, you can have your cookies and byte them. So go on, Excel! Prove your Powerpoint, scaling down the graph axis adding to your Birthday presentation by subtracting from your sliding age and selecting your own Date!


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